Peace Reel Games Presents: Secret Blairite

The year is 2019, the Tories have all been eaten by the biggest Tory for Brexit, and with a landslide victory Labour take back control. All is not rosy in the Labour ranks though…  

Secret Blairite

5-10 Players
15-30 Mins

The Party game for Parties. Secret Blairite puts you and your friends into the newly elected Labour Cabinet under Jeremy Corbyn. Can you pass enough Socialist Policies to save the Realm for the many or will the undercover Centrists in the Cabinet corrupt your magnum opus to serve the few?

At the start of the game everyone will receive their Labour membership pack, telling them their secret party faction affiliation, Corbynista or Centrist. It will also tell one of the Centrists that they are the BLAIRITE!

Each round begins with the MP who is Jeremy (first round is random, then it will rotate) choosing who they want to be their John. The Cabinet will vote to confirm this appointment.

Jeremy will then draw three Policies from the Policy Deck, choose two and pass them to John. John can then choose one of them to enact and add to the Victory Track, the next MP becomes Jeremy and next round begins, the first faction to enact 6 Polices wins!
This is all done in secret, so if John plays a Centrist Policy it does not necessarily mean he is a Centrist, his hand could have been forced by Jeremy passing across two Centrist Policies. Likewise if Jeremy passes across two Centrist Policies then he too could have been forced to do this by drawing three Centrist Policies. All this makes learning who to trust and who is bluffing more important!

“Deselect the Blairite then the Centrist threat is ended and the dream lives on!”

There is one other way to win the game for each faction, and this involves the demonic Blairite. If the Centrists can pass three Centrist Policies and then get the Blairite elected as John then victory, and England (and the rest of the UK) is their’s! The Corbynistas have a response to this, once 4 Centrist Policies have been passed tensions will have escalated such that they can Deselect MPs who are suspected as Centrists or the Blairite. If they manage to Deselect the Blairite then the Centrist threat is ended and the dream lives on!

Game inspired by the Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage LLC designed game ‘Secret Hitler’. Adapted for the 21st century with a more up to date War Criminal.


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